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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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they call themselves the pothole vigilantties, two men working at night on their own to phil potholes. >> they are tired of waiting for the city to fill potholes, so they are doing it themselves. >> two men frustrated and fed up with the condition of the streets in oakland have taken matters into their own hands. we look closer at their cove either operation. >> braking their axles. >> reporter: it's the so- called pothole vigilantes. >> can fill a pothole in five or 10 minutes. >> reporter: to men working at night in the dark, using a skill that learned on youtube. >> it's real easy. just pill the pothole up with the asphalt material and tamp it down. >> we put our hazard lights
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tune make sure its safe. they haven't covert operation started two weeks ago after they got fed up with the city's failure to fix the problems. their instagram shows they filled potholes. they are taking donations through gofundme to buy materials. >> actually the same material that oakland uses. for some reason we don't see it on the streets. >> we're actually trying to get somebody to help out. it's miserable. it's only a matter of time till your tires blow, so the more people like this, the better. >> reporter: the city said they don't condone or recommend that citizens do this themselves, because it raises safety issue,, but people are frustrated. >> we have rain, and they get worse, and it takes forever for someone to come if they ever do come. i've never actually seen a key come and fix one. >> reporter: a spokesman for the department of public works set sid that the oakland city
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council is expected to vote on a plan of $100 million to invest in the city's streets over the next three years. >> we're just going to keep filling them until people are no longer annoyed by them. >> i thank the pothole vigilantes. they saved us. i appreciate that. >> it costs anywhere else from $50 to $100 to fill a pothole depends on its size, and they plan to fill some more potholes this week. their goal on gofundme is $50,000, because they want to eventually create a pothole reporting app. a man was arrested today on suspicion of felony following a deadly head-on crash in brentwood, about 4:30 this afternoon. the chp says a blue honda suv crossed the dun yellow lines and hit a white toyota corolla. the driver of the corolla was a
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51-year-old man from ripon who was killed. the 46-year-old man driving the honda was taken into custody. highway 4 in brentwood was shut down in both directions for about two hours. new tonight, san francisco mayor london breed met with resident of the tenderloin neighborhood, trying to stick a of to a promise she made airline in her term, to give more attention to the neglected neighborhood. paul chambers is live if the tenderloin to show us what happened at tonight's town hall meeting. paul? >> reporter: julie, mayor breed said she is learning a lot with these town hall meetings, giving people to discuss the issues that matter most to them. >> reporter: it was a packed house at the tenderloin community school where mayor london breed held her second neighborhood town hall for the residents of her city. >> we have to do better for you. that is whwewhat doing better means. >> reporter: the mayor took questions from the audience of roughly 150 people, topics including homelessness, cleaning up human waste from
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the oyees exesive drug activity. >> we need in the t.l. homen't, mental illness advocacy, everything, 24/7. >> even when i was growing up, you could go down to the tenderloin to sell drugs. that should not be normal. >> reporter: back in july of last year, the mayor along with police officers toured the tenderloin to get a firsthand look at the problems the people here face. she said since the start of her term she has dedicated her time to making this a better, safer area for residents, many of whom may feel neglected. in breed couldn't answer the questions herself, she staff as added support. she wanted those present to get the answers. >> i worry about my childbeing exposed to this at a very young age. >> an officer walking the beat cannot stop everything from occurs. what we see is that it stops a
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lot of things from occurring, so people just behave better in general when we're around. >> reporter: the mayor said the town hall gives her an opportunity to bring city hall to the people, and for those who feel these meetings are just a re-election strategy, you're trite the party. she acknowledges she's already looking to the election in november. >> i've been running since i won the last time! it never stops! and even when i get reelected, hopefully in the voters supportmy, then i'm going to continue to be out here. >> reporter: to make people feel even more safe, the mayor and the police chief announce s the tenderloin. julie? >> thank you, paul. new at 11:00, a murder suspect with ties in the bay area. atwater police say million warrant has been issued for the arrest of 26-year-old penaloza. he is accused of the march
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shooting death of 22-year-old ethan morris. he is the son of the former district attorney of merced county. anyone with information is asked to call atwater police. >> hello, 3.1, shots fired! >> vallejo police have released this body camera video of a deadly police shooting last year that killed 32-year-old ronell government person the video shows a brief interaction between foster and officer mcmann who had chased foster behind a building. the officer shot foster as was foster's family filed a longful death lawsuit the following month. officer mcmann was involved in another deadly shooting this year, being one of six offiand willie mccoy last week. mccoy was asleep in the car of a drive-through at talks with a loaded gun in his -- taco bell
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with a loaded gun in his lap. tonight more than 100 people attended a community meeting hosted by safer san jose. the group is offering 300 surveillance cameras to people living in neighbor near the cal power power plant. the only catch is you have to sign up your free camera with the police department's on-line camera registry program. a project like hours would make it a lot easier for the police department, because as you know, bambi larson, the police spent hundreds of hours going door-to-door, looking for camera footage. >> bambi larson was found stabbed to death inside her san jose home back in february. police say if it wasn't for surveillance cameras, they might not have caught the suspect as quickly as they did. the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial heard from the first witness today.
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she testified through hire tears saying the last message she received was ax from her daughter saying quote i'm going to die now. almenasalmena has been charged. >> she was an artist. she help ed people. everybody loved her. >> the teens attorneys did not ask her any questioners cross- examine her. the second, was nicholson bouchard who co signed the warehouse lease. he said he wasn'ted to get out of the contract because of changes almena made to the building that winter allowed. >> a competent city hearing is set for a man accused of stabbing a death on the b.a.r.t. station in oakland. john lee cowl is charged with ceiling nia wilson for no apparent reason and then
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wounding her sister. the proceedings will determine whether he is competent stand trial on murder and attempted murder charges. the altamont county superior court judge turned over some of cowl's psychiatric records to the prosecution and defense. a work stoppage this week to coincide with uber's hotly anticipated ipo. ktvu's jenna is live at uber headquarters with the backlash. jana? >> reporter: julie, i talked to one uber driver who told me to organize a protest here on wednesday. she said this has gone global. there are uber drivers, she says, in nine other u.s. cities plus the u.k., brazil, and australia, as well planning to protest or introduced its app and changed the wapreparing to go public th week, and some drivers say they are planning loud rallies on
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may 8th. >> we can't afford to continue to drive and make a living if they continue cut our rates. without drivers, what would uber be. >> reporter: this is an uber driver who has helped organize the local protest. >> we want to make sure we send a clear and loud message to uber, to the investors what risk they're actually facing and to legislators out there that it's time to step up and make sure are that gig workers protected. >> reporter: outside of the uber center, and drivers had not heard about the protest. others say they don't plan to participate. >> i'm very grateful for them. i've been with them for four years. i have nothing bad to say about them. >> reporter: in the few weeks, uber sent bonuses to some drivers with the most rides. >> they give you the work. they have the app to hook everyone up, and we just drive. >> reporter: some uber drivers say they do see both sides of the issue. >> using the independenter term as a way to not pay people what
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a livable wage, honestly. nobody has a pension, nobody has retirement. i mean, it's going to be a big problem. >> reporter: there is some concern about the gig economy model according to santa clara university business professor jo-ellen. >> the ipo is likely to be great for uber invisitors, and uber executives. the mile who are driving these cars for a live org a side hustle are not necessarily accumulating wealth the way that people with more traditional jobs are typically thought to do. they don't have 401(k)s, or really a minimum wage. and i think the ipo will exacerbate that problem. >> reporter: it's not yet clear how many uber drivers will be turning off their app on wednesday. he with tried to talk to uber to get their far have not received comment. thy has said, though, they plan to make up to 3% of their shares available to some of their drivers when the
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company goes public. in san francisco, some members of the chinese against a resolution to name china town's new central subway station after the late rose pak who died three years ago, and was well known as an advocate for china town, but protesters urged the board of supervisors at city hall today to oppose the resolution, because they say that rose pak was a polarizing figure. >> she put together all types of political deals which 16 which were not in the best interests of san franciscoens, and served hire own interests, as well as those of her affiliates. >> supervisor aaron peskin is behind the push to name the subway station after rose pak. it was set to be called the china town station. cars pelted with rocks. how police caught up with a man now charged with assault with a
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deadly weapon. >> another gray whale has washed up dead in the san francisco bay area. we'll tell you what experts plan to do next. and we're looking into the weather. going into the next couple of days, it's warming up but slowly. i'll see you back here with a five-day forecast. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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a dead whale washed up in san francisco today, the 9th whale to turn up dead in the bay area if the past two month. the gray whale was spotted on ocean beach near the lake chalet. scientists are concerned about the number of dead whales turning dusk on monday, news hat traveled that a gray whale had washed ashore at ocean beach, drawing spectators to circle the majestic creature. >> it's a rare opportunity to see a whale up close, came to see how the community was responding. >> reporter: people responding from different parts of the bay
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area, making a special trip to the beach. >> it's sad, but i brought my daughter to see it really close. >> reporter: the marine mammal center said it received reports from the public first thing monday morning that the whale had washed ashore. it's the 9th gray whale to be found dead in the san francisco bay area in the past two months. the deaths are raising concerns from experts and the public. >> you can see the slice marks where it wasn't natural. some scientist or someone took a slice off there. >> reporter: this artist said she plans to return when scientists conduct a necropsy. >> i'm to investigate. i use my art to look at nature more closely. >> reporter: experts have determined of the nine gray whales found dead since the beginning of march, three died
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from being hit by vessels, four from natural nutrition and one of unknown reasons. they say this one gave them pause. >> you look at how awesome nature is, and it kind of reap minds you of your place. >> reporter: a spokesman with the marine mammal center said that experts plan to conduct the necropsy on this whale tuesday, depending on tide and wind conditions. at san francisco's ocean beach, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. a man accused of throwing rocket at cars and accused. jeremyral desjardins was arrested after reports of a man seen throwing rocks. deputy arrived on the scene to find a line of damaged cars that had pulled over to the side of the road. witnesses told them that the suspect ran off into a field nearby. >> upon the arrival of the
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deputies, they say approximately 15 to 20 vehicles pulled over on the side of the road. some which had damage, that is erred windows, and with the help of some witnesses, they pointed out the direction that the suspect had fled. >> deputies managed to locate valdez and take him into custody. one person suffered minor injuries after being hit by a rock. state fire officials say they are bracing for a tough wildfire season ahead. cal fire and state officials headed to mclellan air force base in california today as part of wildfire prepared's week, looking to improve forest management and clear vegetation. they have the public to chip in by creating defensible spaces around up with evacuation plans for their areas. >> part of this is an individual responsibility. it's so important learn about the it theres in your area. what kind of a fire zone that you live in. >> creating a fire break in the
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east by a hills is one of 35 high priority projects that cal fire crews will be handling across the state. that fire danger pretty low tomorrow, and today as well. actually this whole week. it's not out of the question. we have seen fires early in the spring like this, april and may with the big strong winds, but with these conditions, don't anticipate any issues there, a few months from critical fire department, but that will come soon enough. temperatures on the cool side. estimates tomorrow slightly warmer, maybe mid-70s. maybe upper 70s in some of those inland by a valleys. more sunshine, a little bit of fog along the coast. cool overnight. temperatures will be down in the upper 40s, low 50s, -- has different vibe to it tonight, right? low clouds coming in from the coast. high clouds coming off the wetu there, just unusual pressure pattern for this time of year.
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usually we have the pacific high anchored, or trying to anchor itself off the coast, and the fog forming, ask you know the drill. well, that's not where we are. that's not the drill. this is a little different weather pattern. it will continue this whole week with coolness slated again for the weekend. so we warm tuesday, again wednesday, thursday and friday. by thursday ask friday, we have temperatures into the low 80s inland. not hot, just warmer. but then on saturday, on the weekend, temperatures drop back off with a similar kind of weakened high pressure pattern that will allow low clouds and fog and just cooler weather. so saturday and sunday, back into the 60s and low 70s. tomorrow, mid and upper 70s. goes that way on wednesday, thursday low 80s. friday, low 80s, and then bottom comes out again. fog back along the coast, as we get into tomorrow night. maybe a little patch of fog again tomorrow, and then but by tomorrow night, wednesday and thursday, you'll see more fog
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into friday. steady as she goes, i guess, in the five-day forecast, with plenty of mild tons go around. and then there's the peak weather, right? peak temperatures thursday and friday. and look what happens on sunday? get a little bit of a cool down on saturday, a little warmer on sunday. >> all right. looking good, bill. thank you. well, if you haven't heard, the sharks came up short in overtime tonight, and the warriors lost their second in a row in houston. it was a rough night for bay area sports. mark is up next with all of the details. >> yeah, it was not good. also a presidential medal of freedom presented to tiger woods. president trump called tiger woods a quote global symbol of american excellence, devotion and drive. you're watching the 11:00 news on ktvu. on k
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planned, but, yeah, the golden state warriors are deep in it right now. the rockets have just been more physical than the warriors. earlier on, the trend was set. harden got bump on the head, and it was k.d.'s elbow doing the damage, but both are all right. james harden the step-back. aft err three quarter this, rockets in control, up by 9. harden, 38 points. the warriors must name come alive defensive live in the fourth quarter. curry, draymond, ahead to k.d., who had 34 points on his own, and the warriors stay right with them. steph had 4 of 14 shot at , he will nail it with 19.3 seconds. suddenly the warriors within r now down 3, 11.1 left. it's a good look for k.d., ball
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knocked around. another shot at it for steph, and he can't knock it down either. chris paul is fouled, and there it goes. 112-108. series tied 2-2. wednesday at oracle, and here is steve kerr's assessment. >> you know, when you're not poised and you're taking quick shots, and you're not searching for great shots, then you're not going to shoot the ball as well. for 48 minutes, i didn't feel like we executed very well in terms of keeping our are poise, and trying to get great looks. for the second consecutive series, the sharks, if they're going to move on in the stanley cup play-offs, they're going to have tin 7. out on the road, trying to wrap it up. closeout games are toughest. they played from behind all night. 2-1 avs closing seconds of the second spent. carl and burns, and they are all even at 2 apiece, go doing the third period. again, the avs take the lead,
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but this time its nyquist getting it to couture, and marc- edouard vlasic will score it with 2:28 left. his connected goal of the night. we go to overtime. sharks can win the series, but instead at 2:32 in, gabe landeskog will end it for the avs, much to the chagrin of all sharks fans, but maybe not, maybe there will be extra thee attics game 7 wednesday at the tank. and the san francisco giants beaned six batters. had bees on the field. they finally cleared the bees out in 18 minutes, and then the reds started teeing off on giant catch be including the rookie who hit three home runs over the weekend. remember the name nick stenzil. one of the top prospects in baseball. pablo hit a 3-run homer, and also pitched. that's the sporting line for tonight. >> see you later, everyone. good night. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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